What is a CTP Greenslip?

A CTP Greenslip or Compulsory Third Party insurance MUST be purchased before a vehicle can be registered in NSW. It provides cover for vehicle owners against claims relating to personal injury in the event of an accident.

Do I need a CTP Greenslip?

Every vehicle owner in NSW must purchase a CTP Greenslip before they can complete registration on their vehicle

If I travel interstate (outside NSW) am I still covered?

Yes, a Greenslip covers you Australia wide

Who does my CTP Greenslip cover?

Your CTP covers other road user’s injuries in the event of an accident you are involved in. These can include drivers, passengers, pedestrian, cyclists, motor cyclists and pillion passengers.
Many of our CTP Greenslips providers also have at fault driver coverage where in the event of an accident where you (the driver) were at fault and have suffered injuries you are also covered*(conditions apply)

What is not covered by my CTP Greenslip?

Your property and other people’s property.

Do Budget Greenslips serve as agents of CTP insurers?

Yes, Budget Greenslips are a multi marketing arm for many NSW CTP insurers. All Greenslip providers in NSW must comply with the requirements of the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA). Budget Greenslips is no exception to these requirements and is regulated by the MAA under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 No.41

Can I get a reduced premium for my fleet of business vehicles for CTP insurance?

Yes, Budget Greenslips are able to seek competitive prices for fleet business as well as companies operating a CED (Common Expiry Date)*
(conditions apply)

Am I covered for CTP insurance if my car is not registered?

No. If you drive an unregistered vehicle you are personally liable for any injuries caused.

Can I get a CTP refund if my registration has been cancelled?

Yes. If the NSW registration of the vehicle has been cancelled with the RMS Motor Registry we are able to assist in providing you with a refund. All you need is your cancellation of registration from the RMS. Your refund may take up to 30 working days before the refund can be processed.

What is the MAA?

MAA stands for the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW.
The MAA was established by NSW Parliament under the Motor Accidents Act 1988. MAA are the governing body for CTP Greenslips and aim to create a safer environment for road users, better injury management, and ensure CTP Greenslips remains affordable, efficient, effective and fair.
MAA are located at 580 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 and may be contacted on 1300 137 131

How can I get more information?

For more information please do not hesitate in contacting Budget Greenslips


Contact the Motor Accidents Authority Claims Advisory Service on 1300 656 919, or you can visit the Motor Accident Authority Website,